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Your cat has had a general anaesthetic and been surgically neutered.

When you get home, take your cat to his/her bed or favourite place and encourage rest. Keep your cat warm and offer a light meal of chicken or tuna if he/she appears interested in food. We also have pouches of Hill’s Feline I/D you can take for your convenience. This is an easily digested food, which will provide your pet with all the nutrition required to recover without upsetting their stomach.

We will instruct you on how much to feed your cat should you decide you want this. Ensure that water is near to your cats bed then leave him/her to rest. Do not worry if your cat doesn’t want any but it may help him/her to sleep. Ensure that water is near to the bed and a litter tray is nearby, then leave to rest.

Male cats (castrates)

Male cats should be kept indoors for 48 hours if possible to allow the drugs to fully leave their system. There are no sutures to be removed following a routine castration.

Female cats (spays)

Female Cats should be kept in for 10 days if possible. It is important to check the site of the operation daily for any redness, swelling or oozing. If your cat is worrying the wound e.g. licking or pulling the sutures, we can supply a collar to prevent this happening.

If the vet has prescribed further medication, please read the dosage carefully.

Download post operative care for your cat after neutering.

If you have any questions or worries about your cat’s recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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