Are you planning to travel with your pet in 2019?

At present (November 2018) we do not know how Brexit will affect the Pet Passport Scheme. However, if you are planning to travel with your pet after March 2019 the advice below would ensure that you were still able to travel even if there is a ‘no deal Brexit’.  The situation is still evolving so if you have plans to travel with your pet please ensure you start to make plans at least four months prior to travelling.

In the event of a ‘no deal Brexit’, pets may require a rabies blood titre test at least 30 days after a rabies vaccination.  There may then be a 3 month wait period between the blood test and permit to travel.

There is a significant possibility that animals may fail the rabies blood titre test, particularly if they’ve only ever had one rabies vaccination. Therefore, we advise re-vaccination prior to scheduling a blood test if your pet has only had one vaccination or if it was more than 3 months ago.  Even if your pet has had multiple rabies vaccinations, you may still choose to revaccinate prior to testing to increase the likelihood of passing the blood titre test.  Failing the blood test requires repeat vaccination and then another blood test after 30days.

Please check the link below for updates and further information: